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Кранове за насипни материали СКРАП


Next Generation Scrap Logistics

The versatile E-Crane® tackles any scrap handling job you put under its boom: From ships and barges to trains and trucks, all are unloaded with ease. The E-Crane® shines on dedicated tasks including:




    Feeding shredders
    Filling shears
    Loading charge baskets

Load or unload ocean going vessels with higher throughput than any other type of crane, bar none. One E-Crane ® will replace several mobile material handlers every time. Move scrap at the lowest cost per ton handled in the industry and let E-Crane® help you take your scrap yard to new heights.
Turnkey Scrap Handling Cranes & Solutions

We don’t just supply cranes; we supply turnkey scrap handling solutions. E-Crane engineers have worked with hundreds of mills, terminals, and scrap processing facilities worldwide, and have decades of experience in the industry. With our vast experience and knowledge, there are no lifting, climatic, or logistics challenges that we have not met. From design and planning to installation and maintenance, E-Crane® is with you every step of the way.


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